Recovery service for companies

Recovery service for companies

Did you know that one in four
employees burn out?

Did you know that one sick leave cost the company around €500 per day?

Premature retiment costs 20B€/year
Due to loss of disibility of work 8B€
Due to a loss of sick leaves 3,4€
Due to a loss of accidents 2,5B€

One day of sick cost is 500€/day to employer

Companies invest approx. 800€ / year / employee on wellbeing that has economical importance

We have a solution to this problem! Do you also want to solve this problem in your company/organization – without initial investments?

Source: Employment pension company Elo 2020, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 2023

Do you have a company that…

💚 wants to invest in the recovery of personnel?

👥 thinking about staff retention?

📣 wants to attract new employees?

💭 investing in improving employer image?

🔋 wants to improve employee productivity and work efficiency?

If so – Choose Pro Recovery’s recovery service to promote your company’s work well-being! 

What is Pro Recovery? 

Pro Recovery’s recovery space service is intended for companies, organizations, hotels, airports and healthcare.

Spaces according to the customer’s needs

Pro Recovery’s recovery facilities are easily customized to your organization’s premises and you get the best recovery technology on the market and an interior that relaxes the senses.

Orientation of facilities

Our service includes staff orientation, an appointment booking system and a dedicated contact person who regularly takes care of the recovery room. Our service works with a monthly fee without initial investments. So it is a completely ready all-in-one recovery service!

monthly charged service

Our contracts are at least 24 months long.

Contact us and ask for an offer!

We can also arrange a free introduction to the Pro Recovery service and help you map out what kind of solution would work best.

Case: Kempower

Recovery Service for Kempower company employees💚

What kind of equipment can be chosen for the recovery room?

The recovery facilities are equipped with the best recovery technology on the market in accordance with the customer’s wishes

Compression pants

Cold compression device


Massage hammer

Body care and fitness equipment

”Product bar”

Cold pool

Infrared sauna

Frequently asked questions

Are the products and services Finnish? What does the key flag sign mean?

Yes. Our service has been marked with a key flag, which is a proof that the service is produced in Finland and employs people in Finland.

What kind of space does the service require?

About 30-50 square meters of free space is needed to build the space. The concept is well-suited for example: hotel rooms, spas, airports, company premises and gyms/training centers.

What kind of resources does the maintenance of the recovery space require?

The service is intended to be used independently, but the service concept can be tailored to suit your needs.

Can other services be added to the concept?

Yes. As an additional service we can offer, for example, massage, physiotherapy or coaching services.

How can a company start using the Pro Recovery service? 

You can start by getting a company card at Pro Recovery´s current premises or we can bring the recovery facility to your company’s own premises.

Contact us and let’s change the culture of well-being together!

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